Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun or Insane

This is the question I just asked Jenny when asking her advice about adding another race...her response: "Is there really a difference?". I guess when it comes to endurance/multi sport athletes insanity and fun are one in the same. When did the day come that I'm excited about a "vacation" to Sandusky, OH instead of the Four Seasons in West Palm Beach?? A road trip vacation, no less. But I AM excited - cannot wait!

Recently someone asked me for which charity I raise money. Translation: there must be a better reason for racing than just to do it - you must do it for some greater good. But nope, I only race for me but it did get me thinking that maybe I should race for something bigger than myself. I now have my first races under my belt, I know I can finish a race and while the finish isn't all that pretty or at the top, I do it and love crossing the finish line. I've now decided to race for a cause and try to raise some money (Yes, Pamela called me out - the kit is really cute and after all it's all about the clothes!). Be on the lookout for a donation email to come your way - be ready to be very charitable!

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