Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My one, entire goal for Diamond Girl was to finish, to actually cross the finish line and not be last. That was really my only goal and the whole reason I trained - I wanted to be able to say, "I AM A TRIATHLETE". However, now it's 3 days later and I've been thinking a lot about the race as a whole. All I can think is, "I could have done better. I could have beaten (fill in name here)." All of a sudden I'm competitive and annoyed at myself for just finishing and not kicking ass. Although hindsight is 20/20 and I'm not sure at the time I could have gone one second faster but I do know that next time, I'd like to try. I want to work hard on my run - they say, "all triathlons are won or lost in the run". I was pretty bummed when I heard that initially bc I knew I'd never be a fast runner but now I'm willing to give it a really good try. I know it can get better with some old-fashioned hard work and dedication. Of course, the bike and swim can always use enormous amount of improvement but the run is a disaster (and by run, I mean walk!). To quote my lovely teammate Tara, "you don't have to go fast, you just have to go - well, that was true before I was a triathlete. Now I want to go fast."!! Now I'm ready to get a move on, do my running drills, actually listen to what Andy says and even more - do the solo run workouts. Push hard, run fast, eye on the prize...

Monday, August 30, 2010


That's right peeps - I did it. I am a triathlete AND I wasn't even last!

We got to the race at 6am to check in and get ourselves all ready for the day. Kevin, as always, was so amazing - had all my drinks ready, food, snacks cold and race ready - I feel bad for people that don't have him as their team support! From the moment I woke up until the moment I started to swim I was never nervous - not even a little. I was completely ready and excited to get the race started. The swim was not what I expected as we had to walk way out in the gross water to a spot over our heads to wait for a whistle/gun/"go" which no one ever really heard but alas someone started to go so we all went for it. The swim was hard, much harder than I had imagined it to be. I had trouble finding my rhythm and felt as if I was just not moving forward at all. About 2 minutes into the swim I felt my timing chip coming loose so I tried to float for a second and fix it and then it was gone. Everytime I looked up during the swim, it didn't seem like I was any closer to the double buoy as if I was going nowhere fast! When I did make it and turned around to go back to shore, the shore seemed to never be moving closer to me either. But 14 minutes later (or somewhere around there bc I lost the chip I don't really know my times) I was on the shore ripping off my wetsuit making my way to T1. On to the bike, this was the highlight of the day since I knew the EXACT course. I've ridden this course 4 times already and knew every turn and every climb (which is basically the whole damn thing - climb, climb, climb). There was a girl in front of me on a mountain bike, wearing sneakers and a SKIRT and I thought for sure I could smoke her but I could not catch her the whole time. All back to the point of, "it's not about the bike". So damn annoying. But the ride was good, my goal was under an hour but I did it in 1:07, again I think since no chip. On top of no chip, my bike computer decided to stop working as well so all I had was my wrist watch to keep my time. Thankfully I have been on this course so many times I knew where the miles were and I knew how much further I had to go otherwise I think I would have freaked out not knowing where the climb ended.

Rolled into T2 and everyone was screaming!!! So many people it was kind of confusing - I couldn' see the "dismount" sign anywhere but just headed in that direction. I was trying to spin my legs to get rid of the lactic acid in my legs in order to run. That, my friends, is one of those "tricks" that competitve athletes tell you to do - it doesn't work. The only thing that could have helped my legs was a new set of legs, another person running or a motorized scooter! The run was a measly 4 miles - seems easy enough but I think they moved the cones. The first 2 miles were up a 90 degree angle, at least that's how it felt. I looked ahead of me and saw many, many people walking so I also walked quite a bit - almost the entire first 2 miles. I figured I could run the 2 miles back since it was down hill. At one point I figured the race director decided not to post mile markers bc certainly I'd already gone at least a such luck. The water station was the first mile and the lovely volunteer giving out water said, "this is the 1st mile". I almost threw my water at her. FINALLY made it to the turn around and figured - this is it, this is the end, 2 miles left and I'm done. This I can do. I tried to run as much as I could the last 2 miles in order to get my time in under an hour (4 miles in an hour is fairly pathetic but at this point I just wanted to finish at any time!). My only goal at this point was not to let anyone see my walking once I got into the parking lot where the finish line was and all my adoring fans! Make is seem as if I were running an 8 minute mile the whole time.

Running in was so great - my entire team was there. Team Lipstick totally took over the entire race and it was great to run to the finish line towards the team, Kevin and my sister! Since I crossed the finish line alone it was like my very own private race! So awesome, great feeling - all the hard work finally paid off. I crossed the finish line. I am a triathlete. Hard to believe, but true. Watch out world...anything is possible.

Peace out and I'll see you at the next race - thanks for joining me for the ride.

Friday, August 27, 2010

You aren't going to the Olympics?

With the amount of time I think about Diamond Girl, the amount of time training for it and the amount of time traveling to the training many people, myself included, feel as if at this point I should be going to the Olympics. They say it's just what happens when you are training for something specific no matter how big or small. It's all consuming in your life -it's all I think about, talk about and dream about. If I happen to meet someone that competes in triathlon they might say, "OH it's just a sprint?". Well it's not just a sprint to me at all! This is my olympics. Aside from bearing 3 human beings, this is the most challenging thing I've ever done. I've been out of my comfort zone from day 1. My coaches and team continue to push me further and harder should I accidentally step into my comfort zone (don't think I ever have actually!). But with great support and a small voice in my head telling me I can do it - I've made it this far. As Andy says, "The hay is in the barn". There is nothing more I can do at this point - we've trained hard for this, some say overtrained but that's just a pipe dream for me, I can only hope that I've overtrained for something.

In 48 hours from now I'll be deep into my first triathlon. We have all set our personal time goals for the race, I have everything I need to make me as successful as I can be. The rest is now up to me. Just me. I know I can do it and I'm so excited to cross the finish line.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two New (or more!) Fears:

The countdown is on...the end is near. Race day is rapidly approaching - have I over trained for it? One can only hope. But now that I'm finally at the point of having complete faith in my ability to finish the race and not come in last. Two new fears have set in:

-the race directors call off the use of wetsuits due to warm water
-they call off the swim altogether bc of lightning/high levels of crap in the water/etc.

If they call off the wetsuits my fear is that I can't swim safely the distance and if they call off the swim and add another run I will run into the water with a brick tied to my ankle. That will solve all of my problems.

At this point in my training I think I have exactly the amount of stamina and training to do EXACTLY 500 meters of swimming WITH a wetsuit, 15.5 miles of mountainous terrain (I might have a little more here but not more than 18 miles) and 4 miles of a fast walk, if I'm lucky. I've gone through this whole process with the thought that was all I had to do to get to the finish line. If the race directors start throwing wrenches in that plan I'm not sure my brain will be able to take it or my heart.

12 days left...not that I'm counting.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Internal Dialogue

They say everyone has an internal dialogue and it's up to you to make that dialogue positive. Mine is normally very negative, shocking I know. I often think:
-I'm a quitter;
-I'm lazy, slow and the fattest girl here;
-it would be easier to go home then to try to find the strength to finish;
-did I mention I'm a quitter?
-I'm destined to be my mother, might as well just quit now.
-you get the point here...

I've been slowly replacing those negative comments with the words of wisdom my many coaches & my NLLP have taught me along the way. These are not positive affirmations but more about technique in the specific sport I'm doing at that time. Even this morning I captured yet another. So now when I'm training these are the things I tell myself - feel free to steal them and use them for your own training!

-Relax your upper body so the rider next to you thinks you aren't working hard - ride as if this is sooo easy;
-Downhill is not a recovery period but an opportunity to gain time (this one I do not like at all!);
-This is discomfort not pain - push through it;
-Run until your legs fall off or give out (this of course never happens!);
-You don't have to go fast you just have to go;
-We've done more before noon than most people do in a whole year;
-If you breath correctly, you can swim all day long;
-Just keep putting your feet down and you'll keep going;

And my all time favorite:
-95% of your problem is from the shoulders up - get out of your own head. You can do it and do it well, now get out there and make yourself proud!

Monday, August 9, 2010

weekend "vacation"?

My all time favorite thing to do is to snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of tea and eventually take a nap. When the kids are gone that is how I USED TO spend my weekends. This past weekend was the exact opposite of what my dream weekends used to entail. Left Saturday by 8:00am to head up to 87 Motel - yes that's actually the name of the place we stayed. I wouldn't call it a hotel bc that would be giving it way too much credit - I think calling it a motel is even a bit of a stretch! Arrived in New Paltz and was ready for a nice long ride - we were broken up into groups and I went in the beginner group. You know it's a hard core crowd when the beginner group is a mere 35 mile ride with "mild" hills. The insane group of girls went out for 70 miles but that's someone else's blog to write. After the 35 mile easy ride, we stopped to run. By the grace of God, I got out of running as my knee has been killing me for some time. I cashed in my Get Out of Jail Free Card and become the Bike Watcher while everyone else ran (which might be the highlight of the entire weekend!).

We ended the day with a fantastic dinner with the entire team - so fun to get to know everyone, talk about the day, discuss battle scars, routes, races and the following days workout.

I could hardly sleep Saturday night 1) because the "motel" was far from the Ritz and not all that comfortable (not to mention the child's shoe I found under the bed and was just waiting for a body to be there as well) and 2) because sever anxiety had set in. Sundays work out was going to be a longer, faster, hillier ride followed by a run, then lunch THEN an hour swim workout. I could have certainly slept for a few days after just Saturdays workout. So I had some trouble sleeping just trying to imagine myself getting through the day and not being last, the lamest, weakest of the group or merely just getting in my car and going home without anyone noticing.

But 5:20am Sunday arrived, I hadn't headed home just yet and was ready for the day - or so I thought. Put myself in the group above the beginners and off we went for a 37 mile ride. It was challenging, fun, hilly - I learned a ton on the ride since I was being coached by Laura for the first time. Each coach brings new insight and information to each session. Then I hit mile 28 and hit a wall but Laura doesn't like walls and we had to knock the wall down and speed through it. I'll admit, I wasn't happy - I wanted off the bike or at the very least to be dropped to go at my own pace. That was not an option - I think Laura's exact quote was, "this is called discomfort and people don't like it but too bad - get on her tire now". Another of my favorite quotes of the day, "biking is a workout done from a chair you need to work harder to get a good work out". Even sitting in a chair for 3 hours is hard work but I digress. Since stopping, being dropped or being uncomfortable were not options I finished and tried my hardest to finish strong...I think I did ok. I was able to keep the tire in front of me until the last mile which was a very strong climb - go figure the last mile is always the hardest climb!

Today I was not out of the run so out I went - it was supposed to be 15 minutes out, 15 back but since I was in some pain I did 10 out. My big plan was to do 10 out and then walk 10 back but alas, there was Laura again next to me running the whole time - no stopping when the "boss" is running next to you. By this point I could not even feel the pain in my knee or feel my legs at all - they could have been cut off and I'd have never even noticed. I did run an entire 20 minutes and for most people they do that as a warm up but it was probably the hardest part of the entire weekend for me. This running thing just sucks the big one. By this point the weekend was a blur and the rest is just more blurry than before.

The NJ team met for lunch and did all I could to continue talking and being human as not to pass out into an unconscious state never to return. Then on to swim for an hour of drills. At this point I knew for sure I'd drown in that pool or at least be happy to drown bc there was no way I could even move. But as I've said in the past, when your team and coach shows up - you somehow find a way to continue on. While most of that hour I did complain, bitch and stop at every wall - I did do it and even felt pretty good while doing it.

So now I'm home in the comfort of my own, lovely, comfortable bed and trying to reflect on the weekend. I often get stuck in little details:
I was in the slow group; I'm always getting dropped; I come in last; I swim the slowest; on and on but I can honestly say that I came home and thought I DID IT. I actually did it - road over 70 miles, ran 2 miles, swam for an hour in less than 48 hours - simply amazing.

I'd be remiss if I didn't once again thank my amazing team and coaches and this time I get to add Laura. Thanks for the push even though I didn't like it at the time it feels great now!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Not so much blood (although Tara did bleed!) but lots of sweat and tears after today's "mock" Triathlon. I can't really figure out what makes it mock since we did the actual distances of the race we are training for in August, but it was mock none the less. Last week we found out we'd be doing this in place of a full swim training day and instantly my knees buckled. I was torn between excitement and sheer terror. As the days approached, the excitement was gone, gone, gone and I was left with only terror. Who would save me when I drown? Who would do CPR when I passed out on the run? Thankfully I had done the bike course once before so I was ready for that part. I tried to think of every excuse possible to get out of the damn thing but I had to forge ahead.

I was most terrified about the swim since it has the highest likelihood of death associated with it if you fail. The swim turned out not to be so terrible bc we were in very shallow water the whole time and were able to stand when we hit someone. On to the bike, it was great! I felt great, was able to get it done without any crying or complaining and had so much fun! And then it was alllllllllll downhill from there - figuratively and literally. Got on my sneakers to run and my legs would not move. They were so heavy and I have nothing left. I walked about 25 minutes in total and thought my legs might fall off. I ended up calling a babysitter on the way home to stay with the kids so I could nap - got home, jumped in the shower and cried my eyes out. I felt so defeated, like such a loser. I felt as if I've been training for what seems like forever and was not one inch further from where I was on day one. After I showered and cried I slept for about 2 hours and tried to shake it off. I have been trying to celebrate the small victories along the way but that run just pushed me over the edge. I felt like I let myself down, my team, my coaches - just an all over loser-failure.

Now here is the inspirational, uplifting part of this entry - I told a few teammates how I was feeling and they all were AMAZINGLY supportive. They all said they had felt that way at one point, everyone hits bottom but we did do something great on Sunday. We did more before noon than billions of people do in their lifetime. I was able to celebrate the victories of the day and move on and back to training. If only, only, only the run would get easier - all would be right with the world! Thank you again to an amazing group of people that constantly lift me up and push me towards my goal....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Put me in Coach

People often ask me, "why would you pay so much money to be on a team? Can't you just train on your own?". I suppose you can - I'm certain that many people actually do but I bet they aren't having as much fun as we are! But clearly these people don't really know me - I need to be motivated, pushed, challenged. Never, in a billion years, would I get up at 4:30am, drive 25 minutes and then work out for an hour unless there was a coach and a team there waiting for me. I know this bc the other 3 days of the week that there is no one waiting for me, I'm in bed until the very last minute humanly possible! Not only are they a huge motivator, they are inspiration. I've learned more from my coaches than I ever thought possible - I certainly learned more than the initial fee that I paid. I might owe them money at this point! Along with the most amazing coaching staff ever, is my teammates. I feel like I've known these girls for years and that we've been friends forever - they are such a strong, inspirational and fun group of athletes...I'm still amazed that the day has come this late in my life that I ALMOST feel comfortable referring to myself as an athlete...almost. So here is a huge, enormous THANK YOU to: Jenni, Tara, Cindy, Yasmine, Jocelyn, Christine, Ximena, Adriana and of course, Emma, Andy and sweet Katie! You only have 5 (FIVE) more weeks to get me trained for the finish line...because of all of you I know now that I can actually cross that finish line! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


If I have to hear the words, "Race Pace" one more time I just might scream. Here is why: I only have ONE pace - go and not go. Running is either: walking or walking a little faster. Swimming is either: swimming forward or drowning. Biking: well that one is a bit different just by the sheer force of gravity. When going downhill my pace is fast, well fast for me, and then I'm going uphill it's all I can do to not roll backwards down the hill.

Every training session we always start with a "slow, warm up pace" followed by a "race pace". I basically just, "GO" or "STOP" - those are my 2 paces, take it or leave it. Maybe in 50 days from today, August 29th - I'll have different paces...stranger things have happened over the course of this training. We shall see!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

High & Roll

Amazing ride this morning - 2 hours, 20 miles, amazingly gorgeous weather, a nice long break to gab with the ladies. There is nothing better than being on a team to push me, teach me and get to know. The ride was difficult but I was able to get through and have a great time. I ended this mornings ride on a HIGH HIGH! I was thinking for the first time - I can do this race.

THEN.....I figured it would be a great idea to drive the Diamond Girl bike route to see just how bad the "rolling hills" are compared to my ride this morning. It would be an understatement to say that was the WORST idea of the day. The rolling hills only roll one way: uphill which makes cycling up them somewhat difficult. Not to mention I will have to swim 5 miles before, well ok not 5 whole miles more like 500 meters but you get my point. Once I descend from Mt. Everest it will be on to running a marathon up more hills...ok 4 miles but still very difficult.

The worst part to learning just how difficult the hills are...that means training rides need to be that much harder. As if they weren't hard enough. Again I ask myself, "did I actually pay for this torture and if so, why?".

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best of 3...not so much.

Everytime I mention to someone that I'm training for a Triathlon they say, "which is your strongest or best event of the 3?". I've heard many people answer that question very quickly with something along the lines of:
-I went to college on a long distance track scholarship;
-I was the alternate on the 2000 Olympic swim team;
-I used to bike across the country for fun during the summers of college;

I've got nothing of the sort...I suppose I could say biking is my strength since I've been doing that the longest and by longest I mean one whole year. I just took my first swim lesson a few months ago and ran for the first time about a month ago. This fact scares the beJezzuzz out of me - everyone has one thing they can rely on...I got nothing.

There is ONE highlight to the fact that I do nothing well - I also don't do any of them "wrong". Most people run and swim inefficiently or incorrectly since they've been doing it for so long. Because I've done nothing I have no bad form to fix, no bad habits to overcome and am a blank slate to learn all 3 events least that what helps me sleep at night.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Learning?

It seems that just when I think I know it ALL about biking...I learn yet more. Today I learned a few things on our 6am ride:
1. riding up hills sucks;
2. riding down hills sucks just as much (a different kind of suck - a sort of certain-my-life-will-end suck);
3. don't use the brakes when turning corners...someday I'll get that one;
4. pedal as fast as you can at all times...ok that one I knew but it's MUCH harder to put into practice than one would think.

I knew I was exhausted on the last hill home (it was a mountain to me but they kept calling it a small hill) bc I didn't really move out of the way of an oncoming car. I figured that if I got hit by the car I would either get picked up in an ambulance or by the county coroner's office either one means that I would get out of riding up that mountain on my bike and would mean a rest for me (a permanent rest maybe). When you are torn between death and life in a wheelchair...clearly you have hit your wall! BUT I did make it up the hill on my own, to my car and home safe and sound. My legs had trouble moving from the gas to the brake while driving home and they still feel like 2 large pieces of lead but I am alive, excited and almost ready for....something, I'm certainly ready for something. Mostly a nap.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th Week Slump?

Is there such a thing as a Week 4 Slump? I'm starting to get the feeling I'm never going to improve past where I am now. When will running get easier? When will I be able to run more than a mile without having to walk or feeling like I'm knocking at deaths door? Will I actually be able to swim more than 50 meters...ever?? I figured in 4 short weeks I'd be leaving people in my dust and not always the one eating that damn dust. I wonder if this is the time where people either become Triathletes or become quitters...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 3

Let the fun begin! Last Wednesday's group ride was AWESOME! It was almost a one-on-one session due to some team members not being able to make it. I was riding with the beginner group and I learned so damn much in one hour it should be illegal! My coach is a rockstar. The running (no pun intended!) theme of this training is that everything that seems logical to me...isn't. I always thought taking longer strides while running will get you there faster, reaching my arms as far as I could when swimming and kicking as hard as I could would get to to the wall quicker and riding in the hardest gear, pushing my legs the hardest they could go would get me to the end of my ride quicker with the least amount of effort. ALL, yes ALL, of those assumptions were wrong, wrong, wrong. Run with as many steps as possible, don't stretch your arms straight with cupped hands while swimming and ride in a low gear and keep your legs moving as fast as possible. Who knew? Probably anyone that has trained with a coach but I never knew. What a difference a few tips have made in 2 short weeks. Now I feel as if I have so far to improve, advance and strive towards.

Sunday was another group swim lesson but this time outside since it's now hot as hell! We were in more groups based on skill with more coaches and again I learned a lot. Mostly I learned my endurance needs some serious work but sadly that is something only I can improve on...I could start snorting Cocaine - I hear that gives you more energy...just a thought! Then out for a quick run.

Tomorrow starts the 1st day of Week #3...I'm pretty sure the ass kicking is about to start. Now is the time to kick it into gear to get ready for Diamond Girl. I'm one day closer to Charlotte wearing this tshirt!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Called Comfort Zone for a Reason

Mostly bc it's COMFORTABLE in that zone - why would I want to be out of it? Why would anyone want to move away from something comfortable into something uncomfortable? I'm not sure either but my NLLP keeps telling me this team is great for me for that exact reason. I like my comfort zone, hence the name. But I guess at some point I need to get out of it in order to "grow" - his words not mine. Tonight the roller coaster is coasting up a smidge as it couldn't go any lower. Tonight was the first swim assessment and with the help of my amazing swim instructor, Roy, I was not the worst in the group for once! I was actually able to hold my own - the best in the beginner group but the slowest in the advanced group but I got to actually GO to the advanced group which was already a step up. Tomorrow is supposed to be a resting day but since I've been resting for the past 3 days I think it's time to get something done. Nails or Starbucks? Tough decisions.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Assessment my ass

Just what I thought would happen, did happen. Today was the very first day of Team Lipstick NJ and I was dreaming of showing up and having the coach say to me, "OK let me see you run 1/4 way around this track and then we will discuss your stride and stretch for the remaining 45 minutes" (after all it was an assessment day!). Fat chance of that happening. We showed up and had to take 2 laps as a "warm up" - clearly these people haven't a clue of my running ability. After the 2 laps and my near lung collapse he says, "OK now we'll do a timed mile". Clearly this guy is on crack - he tells us the beginners (Yippy that's me!) can do a timed 1/2 mile. To that I said, "we just DID a 1/2 mile" that didn't go over well and out I went for my timed 1/2 mile. Not too bad - completed in under 5 minutes. Overall the first day was truly fantastic - I was able to jump out of bed due to sheer adrenaline and excitement to get the first day behind me. To be able to get a better idea of what the next 12 weeks will entail. The team is amazing- all women, all different ages, races, abilities and personalities but women supporting women. The other great thing is that we work out first thing in the morning. My alarm went off at 5 and I was at the track ready to work out by 6 and was then back home by 7:30. Got the kids off to school and had the whole day free, work out done, kids gone - on to Starbucks for my morning tea with Jenni!

ps - the coaches are fantastic!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monitor & Slide

Just when I thought all of the "big" purchases were out of the way, back I went to Dick's Sporting Goods (my new favorite place to now beat out Fairway for the most trips a week). I needed a Heart Rate Monitor and I heard this one was worth the money so I got it. I'm afraid it's going to flatline...I wonder if there is a direct line to 911 from the watch? If not, that might be my next invention. I haven't a clue how to use it, what number I am looking for or what the actual point of the whole thing is but I am hoping to add it to the list of things I've learned from training for a triathlon.

I learned a great lesson this past week: don't spray TriSlide while on a hard wood floor. I wanted to try on my new wetsuit before the time ran out to return it if I didn't like it or it didn't fit properly. Busted out my new spray TriSlide and began to spray it on - the wetsuit is awesome, the spray is fab and I was able to get the wet suit on with as much ease as a wetsuit can be to get on. Then almost fell flat on my face bc my floor was slick! My kids put on their socks and spent the rest of the night "ice skating" on the floor!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fat is Free

Being fat and lazy is free and easy. When people tell you that being a triathlete is expensive, they are lying. It's exorbitantly expensive! I once read a book about the cost of having a baby - she itemized every thing she spent money on - here is my small sample of that in relation to getting ready for my new team:

sneakers & inserts: $150
Nike +: $50
Bike: $1300
Wetsuit: $400

Then you need to add up all the small things:
swim lessons: $60/hour
sweat wicking socks: $10/pair
music for iPod: endless
gym membership with pool: $50/month
water bill for the 3 showers I take a day: no clue
water/electricity bill for the extra wash that needs to be done: not one clue
fee for Team Lipstick: $900
countless bike shorts/pants/gloves: more than I really want to know
addiction to ROKS: $300

I could clearly go on and on with the small things that I keep "needing". I already have a shopping addiction and having an actual "reason" to shop for expensive equipment is not an extra excuse I need. But I have a good excuse anyway, I think I keep Ridgewood Cycle and lululemon in business solely with my own shopping. But when all the money is spent and the day is over - I had a ton of fun OR at the very least I loved being able to say, "Oh can't make the in-laws anniversary party this weekend - I have a triathlon to race". That and having my 7 year old wear my medals to school makes everything PRICELESS!!! Oh and perhaps losing my gut and another 15 lbs would help as well!

Real Women wear LIPSTICK

As of yesterday, I'm now an official member of Team Lipstick - an all women's Triathlon team. They specialize in training beginners. That would be me - a beginner, is there a level lower than beginner? If so, that would be me. Last year I did my first 30 mile bike ride, this year my first ever 5K run. I started swim lessons last month but never have I done them all at once, in one morning, back to back with no stopping in between for, say, a nap or an ice cream or donut. While I'm overly thrilled and excited to get started I keep thinking that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Yesterday I ran .5 mile but at the .5 mile mark I thought I was going to melt. I think the humidity was hovering around 200% here in the North East. I was able to walk the second .5 mile but was so completely dripping in sweat and thirsty it was unreal. A few hours later I rode on my bike trainer with my sweet NLLP for 45 minutes in my very air conditioned house but was again soaked. The humidity doesn't take central air as seriously as I do! But it was my very first day of doing more than 1 activity and I needed to take today off to recover from that. Am I completely insane? Well, I've always been insane but maybe now I will be insanely in shape! To reiterate yesterday's post - if I can do this, anyone can.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If I can...

People often say, "If I can do it, anyone can do it". I never believe those people bc they are usually professional athletes, in amazing shape or on the US National Team. Now I am that person - I've used that phrase about 6 times in the past 2 days. I ran my first 5K this weekend - well ran is an overstatement but I finished 3.1 miles in 33:34 minutes which is about 4 hours better than I ever imagined I could accomplish. I've never run a day in my life, I've tried a few times and never was able to get more than about 100 yards before my lungs caved, knees ached and head exploded but this time was different. I had faith in myself that I could actually accomplish something if I just trained for it, tried hard, didn't give up and celebrated the smallest of victories during the process. I've never been so proud of myself in my whole entire life. It has also opened a whole new world for me and as of today I am an official member of Team Lipstick. Me, the fat, lazy girl, is now a member of a triathlon team. The girl that has never run a day in her life, took her first swim lesson 2 months ago is now an real-life athlete. It is so true that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Trying not to be embarrasses is hard for women. Being proud of yourself is even more difficult. Last week, I went out for my very first run since 11th grade (and even then I did all I could to get out of running - I even perfected the art of getting my ankles taped by the trainer in order to skip running before practice). I made it all the way to the corner of my house - probably less than 200 yards. Completely out of breath and frustrated, I walked the rest of my mile. Everyone keeps saying, "you gotta start somewhere" and that was my start. One week later and I hit the one mile mile! I crossed over the 1 mile mark and was expected a ticker tape parade, the Rocky Theme to bust out on a sound system somewhere. But the cars just kept driving, people kept going on with their life and no one started to scream as I had envisioned in my head! Ticker tape parade or not - I was so proud of myself and it motivated me to keep on going!