Sunday, July 18, 2010

Put me in Coach

People often ask me, "why would you pay so much money to be on a team? Can't you just train on your own?". I suppose you can - I'm certain that many people actually do but I bet they aren't having as much fun as we are! But clearly these people don't really know me - I need to be motivated, pushed, challenged. Never, in a billion years, would I get up at 4:30am, drive 25 minutes and then work out for an hour unless there was a coach and a team there waiting for me. I know this bc the other 3 days of the week that there is no one waiting for me, I'm in bed until the very last minute humanly possible! Not only are they a huge motivator, they are inspiration. I've learned more from my coaches than I ever thought possible - I certainly learned more than the initial fee that I paid. I might owe them money at this point! Along with the most amazing coaching staff ever, is my teammates. I feel like I've known these girls for years and that we've been friends forever - they are such a strong, inspirational and fun group of athletes...I'm still amazed that the day has come this late in my life that I ALMOST feel comfortable referring to myself as an athlete...almost. So here is a huge, enormous THANK YOU to: Jenni, Tara, Cindy, Yasmine, Jocelyn, Christine, Ximena, Adriana and of course, Emma, Andy and sweet Katie! You only have 5 (FIVE) more weeks to get me trained for the finish line...because of all of you I know now that I can actually cross that finish line! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. You go girl! You are more than ready for your first race! You and the rest of the team have worked so hard the race will be a piece of cake in a few short weeks! LISA..