Saturday, July 3, 2010

High & Roll

Amazing ride this morning - 2 hours, 20 miles, amazingly gorgeous weather, a nice long break to gab with the ladies. There is nothing better than being on a team to push me, teach me and get to know. The ride was difficult but I was able to get through and have a great time. I ended this mornings ride on a HIGH HIGH! I was thinking for the first time - I can do this race.

THEN.....I figured it would be a great idea to drive the Diamond Girl bike route to see just how bad the "rolling hills" are compared to my ride this morning. It would be an understatement to say that was the WORST idea of the day. The rolling hills only roll one way: uphill which makes cycling up them somewhat difficult. Not to mention I will have to swim 5 miles before, well ok not 5 whole miles more like 500 meters but you get my point. Once I descend from Mt. Everest it will be on to running a marathon up more hills...ok 4 miles but still very difficult.

The worst part to learning just how difficult the hills are...that means training rides need to be that much harder. As if they weren't hard enough. Again I ask myself, "did I actually pay for this torture and if so, why?".

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