Friday, June 25, 2010

Best of 3...not so much.

Everytime I mention to someone that I'm training for a Triathlon they say, "which is your strongest or best event of the 3?". I've heard many people answer that question very quickly with something along the lines of:
-I went to college on a long distance track scholarship;
-I was the alternate on the 2000 Olympic swim team;
-I used to bike across the country for fun during the summers of college;

I've got nothing of the sort...I suppose I could say biking is my strength since I've been doing that the longest and by longest I mean one whole year. I just took my first swim lesson a few months ago and ran for the first time about a month ago. This fact scares the beJezzuzz out of me - everyone has one thing they can rely on...I got nothing.

There is ONE highlight to the fact that I do nothing well - I also don't do any of them "wrong". Most people run and swim inefficiently or incorrectly since they've been doing it for so long. Because I've done nothing I have no bad form to fix, no bad habits to overcome and am a blank slate to learn all 3 events least that what helps me sleep at night.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Learning?

It seems that just when I think I know it ALL about biking...I learn yet more. Today I learned a few things on our 6am ride:
1. riding up hills sucks;
2. riding down hills sucks just as much (a different kind of suck - a sort of certain-my-life-will-end suck);
3. don't use the brakes when turning corners...someday I'll get that one;
4. pedal as fast as you can at all times...ok that one I knew but it's MUCH harder to put into practice than one would think.

I knew I was exhausted on the last hill home (it was a mountain to me but they kept calling it a small hill) bc I didn't really move out of the way of an oncoming car. I figured that if I got hit by the car I would either get picked up in an ambulance or by the county coroner's office either one means that I would get out of riding up that mountain on my bike and would mean a rest for me (a permanent rest maybe). When you are torn between death and life in a wheelchair...clearly you have hit your wall! BUT I did make it up the hill on my own, to my car and home safe and sound. My legs had trouble moving from the gas to the brake while driving home and they still feel like 2 large pieces of lead but I am alive, excited and almost ready for....something, I'm certainly ready for something. Mostly a nap.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th Week Slump?

Is there such a thing as a Week 4 Slump? I'm starting to get the feeling I'm never going to improve past where I am now. When will running get easier? When will I be able to run more than a mile without having to walk or feeling like I'm knocking at deaths door? Will I actually be able to swim more than 50 meters...ever?? I figured in 4 short weeks I'd be leaving people in my dust and not always the one eating that damn dust. I wonder if this is the time where people either become Triathletes or become quitters...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 3

Let the fun begin! Last Wednesday's group ride was AWESOME! It was almost a one-on-one session due to some team members not being able to make it. I was riding with the beginner group and I learned so damn much in one hour it should be illegal! My coach is a rockstar. The running (no pun intended!) theme of this training is that everything that seems logical to me...isn't. I always thought taking longer strides while running will get you there faster, reaching my arms as far as I could when swimming and kicking as hard as I could would get to to the wall quicker and riding in the hardest gear, pushing my legs the hardest they could go would get me to the end of my ride quicker with the least amount of effort. ALL, yes ALL, of those assumptions were wrong, wrong, wrong. Run with as many steps as possible, don't stretch your arms straight with cupped hands while swimming and ride in a low gear and keep your legs moving as fast as possible. Who knew? Probably anyone that has trained with a coach but I never knew. What a difference a few tips have made in 2 short weeks. Now I feel as if I have so far to improve, advance and strive towards.

Sunday was another group swim lesson but this time outside since it's now hot as hell! We were in more groups based on skill with more coaches and again I learned a lot. Mostly I learned my endurance needs some serious work but sadly that is something only I can improve on...I could start snorting Cocaine - I hear that gives you more energy...just a thought! Then out for a quick run.

Tomorrow starts the 1st day of Week #3...I'm pretty sure the ass kicking is about to start. Now is the time to kick it into gear to get ready for Diamond Girl. I'm one day closer to Charlotte wearing this tshirt!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Called Comfort Zone for a Reason

Mostly bc it's COMFORTABLE in that zone - why would I want to be out of it? Why would anyone want to move away from something comfortable into something uncomfortable? I'm not sure either but my NLLP keeps telling me this team is great for me for that exact reason. I like my comfort zone, hence the name. But I guess at some point I need to get out of it in order to "grow" - his words not mine. Tonight the roller coaster is coasting up a smidge as it couldn't go any lower. Tonight was the first swim assessment and with the help of my amazing swim instructor, Roy, I was not the worst in the group for once! I was actually able to hold my own - the best in the beginner group but the slowest in the advanced group but I got to actually GO to the advanced group which was already a step up. Tomorrow is supposed to be a resting day but since I've been resting for the past 3 days I think it's time to get something done. Nails or Starbucks? Tough decisions.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Assessment my ass

Just what I thought would happen, did happen. Today was the very first day of Team Lipstick NJ and I was dreaming of showing up and having the coach say to me, "OK let me see you run 1/4 way around this track and then we will discuss your stride and stretch for the remaining 45 minutes" (after all it was an assessment day!). Fat chance of that happening. We showed up and had to take 2 laps as a "warm up" - clearly these people haven't a clue of my running ability. After the 2 laps and my near lung collapse he says, "OK now we'll do a timed mile". Clearly this guy is on crack - he tells us the beginners (Yippy that's me!) can do a timed 1/2 mile. To that I said, "we just DID a 1/2 mile" that didn't go over well and out I went for my timed 1/2 mile. Not too bad - completed in under 5 minutes. Overall the first day was truly fantastic - I was able to jump out of bed due to sheer adrenaline and excitement to get the first day behind me. To be able to get a better idea of what the next 12 weeks will entail. The team is amazing- all women, all different ages, races, abilities and personalities but women supporting women. The other great thing is that we work out first thing in the morning. My alarm went off at 5 and I was at the track ready to work out by 6 and was then back home by 7:30. Got the kids off to school and had the whole day free, work out done, kids gone - on to Starbucks for my morning tea with Jenni!

ps - the coaches are fantastic!