Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 3

Let the fun begin! Last Wednesday's group ride was AWESOME! It was almost a one-on-one session due to some team members not being able to make it. I was riding with the beginner group and I learned so damn much in one hour it should be illegal! My coach is a rockstar. The running (no pun intended!) theme of this training is that everything that seems logical to me...isn't. I always thought taking longer strides while running will get you there faster, reaching my arms as far as I could when swimming and kicking as hard as I could would get to to the wall quicker and riding in the hardest gear, pushing my legs the hardest they could go would get me to the end of my ride quicker with the least amount of effort. ALL, yes ALL, of those assumptions were wrong, wrong, wrong. Run with as many steps as possible, don't stretch your arms straight with cupped hands while swimming and ride in a low gear and keep your legs moving as fast as possible. Who knew? Probably anyone that has trained with a coach but I never knew. What a difference a few tips have made in 2 short weeks. Now I feel as if I have so far to improve, advance and strive towards.

Sunday was another group swim lesson but this time outside since it's now hot as hell! We were in more groups based on skill with more coaches and again I learned a lot. Mostly I learned my endurance needs some serious work but sadly that is something only I can improve on...I could start snorting Cocaine - I hear that gives you more energy...just a thought! Then out for a quick run.

Tomorrow starts the 1st day of Week #3...I'm pretty sure the ass kicking is about to start. Now is the time to kick it into gear to get ready for Diamond Girl. I'm one day closer to Charlotte wearing this tshirt!

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