Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Called Comfort Zone for a Reason

Mostly bc it's COMFORTABLE in that zone - why would I want to be out of it? Why would anyone want to move away from something comfortable into something uncomfortable? I'm not sure either but my NLLP keeps telling me this team is great for me for that exact reason. I like my comfort zone, hence the name. But I guess at some point I need to get out of it in order to "grow" - his words not mine. Tonight the roller coaster is coasting up a smidge as it couldn't go any lower. Tonight was the first swim assessment and with the help of my amazing swim instructor, Roy, I was not the worst in the group for once! I was actually able to hold my own - the best in the beginner group but the slowest in the advanced group but I got to actually GO to the advanced group which was already a step up. Tomorrow is supposed to be a resting day but since I've been resting for the past 3 days I think it's time to get something done. Nails or Starbucks? Tough decisions.

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  1. You should define "NLLP" for those followers who don't know what that means.