Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Assessment my ass

Just what I thought would happen, did happen. Today was the very first day of Team Lipstick NJ and I was dreaming of showing up and having the coach say to me, "OK let me see you run 1/4 way around this track and then we will discuss your stride and stretch for the remaining 45 minutes" (after all it was an assessment day!). Fat chance of that happening. We showed up and had to take 2 laps as a "warm up" - clearly these people haven't a clue of my running ability. After the 2 laps and my near lung collapse he says, "OK now we'll do a timed mile". Clearly this guy is on crack - he tells us the beginners (Yippy that's me!) can do a timed 1/2 mile. To that I said, "we just DID a 1/2 mile" that didn't go over well and out I went for my timed 1/2 mile. Not too bad - completed in under 5 minutes. Overall the first day was truly fantastic - I was able to jump out of bed due to sheer adrenaline and excitement to get the first day behind me. To be able to get a better idea of what the next 12 weeks will entail. The team is amazing- all women, all different ages, races, abilities and personalities but women supporting women. The other great thing is that we work out first thing in the morning. My alarm went off at 5 and I was at the track ready to work out by 6 and was then back home by 7:30. Got the kids off to school and had the whole day free, work out done, kids gone - on to Starbucks for my morning tea with Jenni!

ps - the coaches are fantastic!

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