Saturday, July 10, 2010


If I have to hear the words, "Race Pace" one more time I just might scream. Here is why: I only have ONE pace - go and not go. Running is either: walking or walking a little faster. Swimming is either: swimming forward or drowning. Biking: well that one is a bit different just by the sheer force of gravity. When going downhill my pace is fast, well fast for me, and then I'm going uphill it's all I can do to not roll backwards down the hill.

Every training session we always start with a "slow, warm up pace" followed by a "race pace". I basically just, "GO" or "STOP" - those are my 2 paces, take it or leave it. Maybe in 50 days from today, August 29th - I'll have different paces...stranger things have happened over the course of this training. We shall see!

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