Friday, May 28, 2010

Real Women wear LIPSTICK

As of yesterday, I'm now an official member of Team Lipstick - an all women's Triathlon team. They specialize in training beginners. That would be me - a beginner, is there a level lower than beginner? If so, that would be me. Last year I did my first 30 mile bike ride, this year my first ever 5K run. I started swim lessons last month but never have I done them all at once, in one morning, back to back with no stopping in between for, say, a nap or an ice cream or donut. While I'm overly thrilled and excited to get started I keep thinking that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Yesterday I ran .5 mile but at the .5 mile mark I thought I was going to melt. I think the humidity was hovering around 200% here in the North East. I was able to walk the second .5 mile but was so completely dripping in sweat and thirsty it was unreal. A few hours later I rode on my bike trainer with my sweet NLLP for 45 minutes in my very air conditioned house but was again soaked. The humidity doesn't take central air as seriously as I do! But it was my very first day of doing more than 1 activity and I needed to take today off to recover from that. Am I completely insane? Well, I've always been insane but maybe now I will be insanely in shape! To reiterate yesterday's post - if I can do this, anyone can.

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