Friday, May 28, 2010

Fat is Free

Being fat and lazy is free and easy. When people tell you that being a triathlete is expensive, they are lying. It's exorbitantly expensive! I once read a book about the cost of having a baby - she itemized every thing she spent money on - here is my small sample of that in relation to getting ready for my new team:

sneakers & inserts: $150
Nike +: $50
Bike: $1300
Wetsuit: $400

Then you need to add up all the small things:
swim lessons: $60/hour
sweat wicking socks: $10/pair
music for iPod: endless
gym membership with pool: $50/month
water bill for the 3 showers I take a day: no clue
water/electricity bill for the extra wash that needs to be done: not one clue
fee for Team Lipstick: $900
countless bike shorts/pants/gloves: more than I really want to know
addiction to ROKS: $300

I could clearly go on and on with the small things that I keep "needing". I already have a shopping addiction and having an actual "reason" to shop for expensive equipment is not an extra excuse I need. But I have a good excuse anyway, I think I keep Ridgewood Cycle and lululemon in business solely with my own shopping. But when all the money is spent and the day is over - I had a ton of fun OR at the very least I loved being able to say, "Oh can't make the in-laws anniversary party this weekend - I have a triathlon to race". That and having my 7 year old wear my medals to school makes everything PRICELESS!!! Oh and perhaps losing my gut and another 15 lbs would help as well!

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