Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Internal Dialogue

They say everyone has an internal dialogue and it's up to you to make that dialogue positive. Mine is normally very negative, shocking I know. I often think:
-I'm a quitter;
-I'm lazy, slow and the fattest girl here;
-it would be easier to go home then to try to find the strength to finish;
-did I mention I'm a quitter?
-I'm destined to be my mother, might as well just quit now.
-you get the point here...

I've been slowly replacing those negative comments with the words of wisdom my many coaches & my NLLP have taught me along the way. These are not positive affirmations but more about technique in the specific sport I'm doing at that time. Even this morning I captured yet another. So now when I'm training these are the things I tell myself - feel free to steal them and use them for your own training!

-Relax your upper body so the rider next to you thinks you aren't working hard - ride as if this is sooo easy;
-Downhill is not a recovery period but an opportunity to gain time (this one I do not like at all!);
-This is discomfort not pain - push through it;
-Run until your legs fall off or give out (this of course never happens!);
-You don't have to go fast you just have to go;
-We've done more before noon than most people do in a whole year;
-If you breath correctly, you can swim all day long;
-Just keep putting your feet down and you'll keep going;

And my all time favorite:
-95% of your problem is from the shoulders up - get out of your own head. You can do it and do it well, now get out there and make yourself proud!

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