Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two New (or more!) Fears:

The countdown is on...the end is near. Race day is rapidly approaching - have I over trained for it? One can only hope. But now that I'm finally at the point of having complete faith in my ability to finish the race and not come in last. Two new fears have set in:

-the race directors call off the use of wetsuits due to warm water
-they call off the swim altogether bc of lightning/high levels of crap in the water/etc.

If they call off the wetsuits my fear is that I can't swim safely the distance and if they call off the swim and add another run I will run into the water with a brick tied to my ankle. That will solve all of my problems.

At this point in my training I think I have exactly the amount of stamina and training to do EXACTLY 500 meters of swimming WITH a wetsuit, 15.5 miles of mountainous terrain (I might have a little more here but not more than 18 miles) and 4 miles of a fast walk, if I'm lucky. I've gone through this whole process with the thought that was all I had to do to get to the finish line. If the race directors start throwing wrenches in that plan I'm not sure my brain will be able to take it or my heart.

12 days left...not that I'm counting.


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  3. Tomorrow we Run-BIKE-Run. Problem solved. Fear assuaged. Big Kiss! Coach Emma oxoxo