Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Race or Not To Race...That is the question.

Kevin's cracked helmet after his bike crash.

This past week has been pretty stressful on my personal life and more importantly, on my training life. The week before this week I wasn't all that motivated to train either and had already been slacking quite a bit. A week ago today, my Sweet Kev crashed his bike in a bike race and broke his collar bone as well as figured out how to collapse his lung. He had to stay in the hospital over night for observation and is in terrible pain pretty much all day. Thankfully, he does not need surgery for his collar bone or lung and just has to wait to heal...nothing to do but wait and let the bones reset themselves. On top of his accident, my daughter thought it would be a fun idea to catch a fever and keep it over the course of 2 days. AND camp for the boys ended last week so it's been a great, fun-filled week around here of medicated partners, feverish child and bored boys annoying the crap out of me.

Oh and the most fun part of this whole race is that there is raw sewage in the Hudson where I get to jump into and swim and swallow some water as well. My hope is to get some sort of tapeworm where I lose about 30lbs without trying (my other option is swallowing a used condom - I'm trying to find a silver lining in this story). The universe seems stacked against me for this race but yesterday I got on my bike and felt good. So I'm IN - I'm going to show up on race morning and give it a try. If I fall apart during the race, you all now know why. If I win my AG, well then you know someone swapped out my chip by mistake but I'll be happy to take the credit. My goal is to finish in under 4:00 - not sure that's possible bc the run is difficult and my pace is about 13:00/mile on a flat surface. Not sure how slow it will be running up a large hill but we'll see.

Tomorrow is the Expo and packet pick up (oh did I forget to mention I lost my wallet and don't have a photo ID to show them. I need to dig out my passport from somewhere in order to even check in). I'm excited to do my own body marking so I'm not at the mercy of a sloppy teenager writing my numbers - I hate when they do it sloppy. Maybe I can get my sister to do some calligraphy numbers for me...

As they say in the NYC Triathlon: See You in The Hudson.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck Girlie! Will keep you in my thoughts.....Sorry to hear of all the stress in your life right now, but I am sure everything will come out on top for you soon!