Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Team Kennedy podiums!

The season was supposed to end last month at Danskin-Sandy Hook but Kevin and I wanted to do one last relay together before the racing season officially ended. Down to Bassman we went in Tuckerton, NJ in Bass River State Park. It's great to do a relay and if anyone out there thinks a full triathlon is too overwhelming you should give a relay a try. It was so fun to race with my sweet beloved Kevin but the truth is he's a speed demon on the bike so I knew we'd finish quickly with him in the middle leg of the race. The swim was far - I could swear they moved the bouys further than the stated .6 miles, either that or I don't train enough which is more likely the case. The air was so cold but the water was a lovely 70 degrees and while the sunrise is always a beautiful sight to see - it's not that pretty swimming directly into it. I couldn't see one single thing - not a bouy, not a swimmer, lifeguard, flag, sand, nothing. I just kept going in hopes to find the shore. I did eventually find a lifeguard and turned out I was going in the right direction. Since I wasn't cycling I figured I could run fast out of the water bc I'd have plenty of time to rest after - handed off the timing chip to Kevin and out he went. The hour break in between was so nice since it was sooo damn cold I was able to change into very dry clothes, comb my hair, stretch, chat with the other relay peeps and take a breath. Kevin came back very quickly and I had to go out on the run - I have tendinitis in my foot and it was hurting before I even started the run but it's the last race of the season it was time to move. My pace was slower than the last race but still not bad at 10:45/mile for 4.2 miles. We came in 2nd place for the relay teams! You'd have thought I won the Olympics - any podium spot (no matter how many in that group) is a huge victory and I'll take it everytime! It was awesome. Then our other teammate, Miss Jenni came in 3rd in her age group so the 2 hour drive home was great since we had THREE trophies in the car - one for each of us. Such a rockstar, ass-kicking, triathlon minivan zooming up the GSP!!! It was also my first race as a Kennedy - we got bibs with our names on them and I opted to wear Kevin's. I'm considering a legal name change so I can always race for Team Kennedy since it's an awesome name and he's the most awesome person on earth.
Now THIS was officially my last triathlon of the 2011 season (for real this time) but that doesn't mean it's rest time. Now is time to pull my act together, work really hard for 2012 season. Get my run faster and faster, get stronger and stronger and just keep getting better. My next race is March 2012 if the winter goes as well as I'd like it to go...it will be a lot of hard work to prepare for such a long race in 6 months time. Anyone want to sign up with me to race in San Juan in March?? Or if you want to join us in PR and just do the 13.1 run for Kevin that would be great too!

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