Wednesday, May 30, 2012 that you?

It could be a passing feeling but I do think, perhaps, that I got my MOJO back this past weekend.  Ever since Rev3 Knoxville, I've been on a downward triathlon spiral - it  hasn't been pretty.  My Training Peaks is empty, empty, empty.  I think over the past 2 weeks I've been on my bike twice, not one run, not once in the pool - pathetic.  The only reason I have not officially quit triathlon is bc I've already paid for Rev3 Quassy and am doing that race as a relay - that means someone else is counting on me (and mostly bc I already paid for the race and hotel room so I HAVE to go now!).

Sunday was the Quassy Preview ride - we all met in Quassy and rode the race course.  It was a beautiful day, bright sunshine with a great course.  Unlike Knoxville, these massive uphill climbs had many downhills as well which were awesome to fly down and make up some speed.  It's that sort of speed on a downhill to bring back all joy in sport.  Of course that day I did not swim before or have a run after but it was still a great ride and got my excited for my upcoming race.

That was written last week and now we are a mere 3 days from my next race - again it's a relay, AMEN!  This week also opened the town pool which is outside and 50 meters - a joy to train in.  No more smelly indoor pools for the next 3 months.  Much less turning around and a better way to swim train as you get to actually stroke for a much longer time before turning around.

I'm hoping my excitement is here to stay and I will have an amazing race season this summer - bring on Rev3 Quassy!

This photo is from Knoxville and I was beyond miserable in this picture - usually I look for the photographer so I can look all sporty spice in my photos but I missed this guy as I was hoping heat stroke would finally take over.  This weekend it will be 68 degrees and raining which is almost perfect racing weather!

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  1. I am going through a post race lull to. I have been in the pool once and haven't ran a step. All I want to do is ride. I hope you have a fun race this weekend!