Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ATTITUDE is everything

The year of 2013 is off to a great start.  We rang in the new year with our amazing 3 kids and wonderful friends.  This morning I was able to kick off the  year with the 1st Day 5K.  I was not have been able to attend this race without the help of my friends as I was able to farm out my kids to avoid trying to find a sitter (and saving me quite a few bucks in the process!).  Today was the perfect day  for excuses: it was freezing, there was no sun, I had no friends to run with (actually went all alone - so lame) and I had no sitter.  But I'm determined to get   faster, get fitter and to keep improving athletically (I love  saying "athletically" in a sentence about myself!).  

Last year I bought the shirt on the left - I saw it on some guy at a race and went on a search for it.  I thought it was the most perfect shirt for me but then many people pointed out that a bad attitude is never going to help me reach my goals.  The old saying is, "Attitude is Everything" - that was the last time I  wore that shirt.  I vowed to change my thinking and to stop hating it.  The shirt on the right in my new shirt for 2013 and forward.  Based on my times between years - I'd say changing my attitude has made a great difference in  my pace.  Still not where I want it to be but going in the right direction.  

2012 T-Shirt vs. 2013 T-Shirt
2012 Total time-34:06 DEIHDRA MILLER Pace-11:00 (Official results)

(2012 Garmin watch results)

2013 Total time-30:11 DEIHDRA MILLER Pace-09:44 (Official results)

(2013 Garmin watch results)

 MoonJoggers Countdown: 3.1 Miles Run/996.9 To Go

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