Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Glen Rock GOTR Fall 2013 Team

Never thought I'd someday be coaching someone else to run - seems like an oxymoron but it's true.  Well, not exactly true - I'm not coaching at the Olympic Training Center but I am "Head Coach" for my chapter of Girls on the Run.  Now technically Girls on the Run is NOT a running program but I am a coach, none the less.

Girls on the Run is Designed to allow every girl to recognize her inner strength, the Girls on the Run curriculum inspires girls to define their lives on their own terms.  Running is secondary to the lessons helping them to have 
positive emotional, social, mental and physical development.  Participants explore and discuss their own beliefs around experiences and challenges girls face at this age.  They also develop important strategies and skills to help them navigate life experiences.  

There are no words for the amount of joy coaching brings me =)

This was the first season for GOTR in Glen Rock and it exceeded my expectation beyond belief.  The best part is that no girl is ever turned away if they cannot afford the $165 registration fee to be apart of the program. This is why SoleMates was started .  SoleMates is a program to raise scholarship money for every girl to be able to participate and become a Girl on the Run.  No girl is ever turned away if they cannot afford it because of SoleMates.

My goal is to inspire as many girls as possible to believe in themselves. I know from first-hand knowledge that Girls on the Run is an amazing program to get girls to do just that - believe in themselves.  Running the NYC Half Marathon as a SoleMate and your donations will help us to inspire many NYC girls that so desperately need it!  Here are some stats:

$35 can sponsor a pair of running shoes for one girl.
$50 can fun a pair of running shoes and program snack for one girl.
$140 can fund running shoes for four girls.
$250 can support a full season scholarship for one girl.
$1,000 can support full season scholarships for four girls.


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