Monday, June 8, 2015

D. F. L.

Triathlon, like everything in life, gives you back exactly what you put into it.  Challenge Quassy Olympic triathlon this past weekend was no different.  I got EXACTLY what I deserved - if you don't train, you don't win - very simple.  I've participated in this race 3 other times in the past but never the entire race alone, I've always done it as a relay team - which really is the best way to do a race!  Relays are so much more enjoyable but this year I did the whole race - swim, bike, run - all 3 like a big girl.  It. Was. Hard.

The race itself is really hard even if you train for it but since I didn't train hard for it - it was that much more difficult for me.  My times were pretty much what I thought they would be - I wasn't terribly upset at the finish line until I saw the results.  My name was DFL in my age group.  Dead.  Fucking.  Last.  Not to be confused with DNS (did not start), DNF (did not finish) or DQ (disqualified) - I feel like one of those would have been better.  DFL - who comes in last?  Even on my slowest days I've never been last.  That's always been my entire goal - whatever you do  DON'T BE LAST.  There's a first time for everything I suppose now I just need to make sure it's the very last time.  Another strategy is to get out of the most competitive damn age group there is - so much for women aging poorly.  I was holding my own in the 35-39 category last year I had to move up to 40-44: watch out, here come the superstars!

There is an actual t-shirt for this event but for some reason I'm not seeing it this way:

It's now 2 days post race and I'm starting to feel better - everyone can say: you finished, you tried, you did it.  Blah, blah, blah - you and every person on the planet knows being last feels bad, really bad.  But I went out there and finished the race without being picked up on the sweep bus, I got a medal, post race meal (clearly my only real purpose for any race), an awesome swag with a blue tooth speaker and got to hang with my girls and my beloved Kevin - all in all, it was a great weekend.  Time now to pick myself up and get moving - always another race to work on!

Finished Medal & Fancy Schmancy Speaker

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