Friday, September 11, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For....

Everyone knows I NEVER stop complaining about training and working out.  I hate the actual act of working out, being uncomfortable, being pushed - I hate it all.  But I do it for a few reasons: 1. I'm terrified to turn into any of my very unhealthy family members I see what my DNA has in store for me if I don't change it 2. I love training with my girls 3. I love the feeling of completing a race - as in the day after when I can talk about it like it was no big deal and 4. I love to go on rides with my sweet NLLP!

This group of people (and the sunrise) make training so fun and worth it:

After all is said and done - I constantly complain and it's a constant struggle to get it done.  However, now here I am with what I thought would make me happy "an excuse" & an injury.  Last week, I had extremely painful shooting pains down my leg and was unable to put any pressure on it.  I thought for sure my hip bone broke right out of its socket.  The pain was unbearable.  That day went straight to the chiropractor and he was able to fix it temporarily only for the pain to come back within an hour so I headed back over to him.  He took an Xray and didn't like what he saw so I went for an MRI.  The results came back last night and I have 2 bulging discs and some other random stuff but the bottom line is that it's nothing too serious and will be better, soon.  But Not Today.

I've got TWO of these - lucky me!

Never did I think this day would come where a doctor told me not to run for a few weeks and I'd be sad.  ME - SAD - NOT RUNNING!  WTF - this is the day I've been waiting for!  An actual real life excuse to sit on my ass.

It's now been 10 days since my last workout of any sort and it feels like 100 years ago.  The depression is setting in bc of it.  I was feeling so bad today that I took my dog for a walk over a mile and that was my form of exercise for the day.

The really bad part of this whole situation is having another DNS on my record.  Sunday is Run the Reservoir 13.1 just a few towns away from me.  A half marathon is really hard for me, it's far and long but I registered in order to raise money for my GOTR girls.  And most importantly, I trained for this damn thing. The money is still raised and goes to the girls but now I'm not actually running in the race which feels just lame.  Flat out: LAME.  So instead I'll go on Sunday to the race to cheer everyone on, watch all of the other runners finish their race while I stand at the finish line with a stupid cow bell feeling like a failure that couldn't start or finish a race I registered for AND raised funds for - damn bulging discs.

So for the rest of the weekend I will wallow in my own self pity of: getting old, turning into someone I don't want to be, getting fat, slow, lazy and pathetic.  DAMN where is my Girls on the Run lesson when I need one???

OK going for a short run/walk tomorrow - wish me luck!


  1. I was going to message you today to ask how you were feeling! So glad to read this update that it is not serious and temporary. And while I can totally relate to your feelings, try to enjoy the downtime. And when that doesn't work, just tell yourself, this too shall pass. 'Cause it will. And in no time you'll be back out there, hating every second of it. :-D