Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pain is life.

People often say the key to being an elite athlete is those that are able to suffer the most - the more you can deal with pain, the  more successful you'll be as an athlete.  This statement always explains to me why I'm never the fastest in any race bc I don't do pain well - I have the lowest threshold for pain out of anyone I've ever met.  I've made peace with that - it's who I am but now this constant back problem is really throwing a wrench in those plans.  In the past, I've been in "pain" just from pushing myself I've never had this constant nagging lower back issues.  

I've taken nearly the entire summer off from any sort of exercise hoping to heal my back in order to come back stronger but that doesn't seem to be happening.  Since it seems this will be a constant, nagging issue I've decided to just deal with the pain - continue great treatment and even greater nutrition and continue on.  

My C25K  Run Buddy TARA!

Just last month I started back with the Couch to 5K program which is going well except for the back pain when I get home.  The alternative it more than I can tolerate so I'll just learn to deal with it.  Continue to ice, get adjusted, go to PT, stretch and most importantly EAT CLEAN and GREEN!  The amazing part is that I feel  GREAT while running/walking and that's the feeling I've missed all summer.  Being out with my run friends, in the fresh air - makes me feel alive.  So let's hope for this thing to not get any worse and just keep on keeping on - and toughen up a little to live with a little more physical pain than I'm used to in life!

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