Friday, May 19, 2017

Time or Money

Any adult will tell you: you either have Time or Money.  Most people don't or will never have both.  Everyone needs to make peace with the one they are given and make the most of it.  For the most part, I have not made the most of my situation.  I have more time than money but I haven't been using it wisely...until now.  I know many moms that work full time outside of the home and I'll hear them say, "Oh it must be nice to be able to work out all day while the kids are at school" and I think, "Yes that would be nice - why the hell aren't I doing that?".  So I do work a few part time jobs and I have 3 kids (one of them requires a shit ton of my time even during school hours) but I still have more time than my other training parters and they get it done WHILE working a full time job and raising children.  So I have no excuse.  I can make and/or find an excuse - I'm a pro at that but it's time to stop making excuses.

This past week I had a revelation - thanks to my friend Deirdre T.  We had a very quick, very not important exchange about how we both have a few free hours in the afternoon before we pick up the kids but we don't use it for any training.  With just an hour a day, I could be significantly faster and in way better shape getting me towards my triathlon goals rather than moving farther and farther away from those goals.

The One.  The Only.  Deirdre T.

With that small exchange, DT and I are going to meet as often as possible to run and/or bike during that window of time we have between the end of our work day and the beginning of the Mothering Day (i.e. after school!).  So be on the look out for the two D's on the road to be kicking major ass very soon - ok maybe not kicking ass but pursuing a goal and not sinking deeper into my couch cushions (I cannot speak for her and her couch sitting)!  If you are around 1PM weekdays - let us know, you can join us!  

If you are out at 5am, you can find me with my amazing and very pregnant run buddy Tara - she's one of those working moms that inspires me to do more with my time.  I think, "if Tara had this much free time during the day, she'd be an elite athlete".  Time to make all of my full time working training partners proud of me and hopefully make them so jealous they all quit their jobs and train with me all day!  

5am, 32 weeks pregnant, 2 small children, husband, full time job, commutes to NYC...SuperWoman

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