Sunday, June 4, 2017


Every summer I sign up for my favorite triathlons or ones that I can do with my friends.  This summer I haven't signed up for any mostly because I didn't really train all winter and I was kind of excited to have nothing on the calendar.  Except, for someone like me - a race with a paid registration fee, is usually the only thing that keeps me motivated.  So last week I decided on a new, specific goal for this summer.  SPEED.  And by speed, I mean MY kind of speed which means faster than I've been before.  This speed goal is only about ME and my PRs -not about being faster than anyone other than myself.  I will constantly need to remind myself of that bc I often get caught up in "I'll never be faster than_________ (insert name of anyone I run with)".

This goal has to be about me and only me as......

In order to stay focused on this goals, I need to publicly announce my times that I'm trying to beat - this isn't easy for me so be kind:

5K: 27:38     Pace: 8:53      October 2013
10K: 1:03:09      Pace 10:09          September 20, 2014

I'm looking for a 5K every month and a 10K every other month - my goal is to work on speed all summer and get faster with each race.  The ultimate goal: beat the above PR by the end of 2017.  So far I have a few races that are officially on the calendar:

Saturday, June 10th - NYRR Mini 10K
Sunday, June 18th - Father's Day 5K
Saturday, July 8th - Women's Distance Festival 5K

Working on the rest of the schedule for remaining of the Summer/Fall.  Anyone want to join me?  Links are attached to above races!

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