Wednesday, January 11, 2012

70.3 done...well, almost.

Who knew a Virtual Race would light a fire under my rear end.  Last night when I looked at my spreadsheet, I realized I had to swim 1200 yards and bike 16 miles today in order to finish before the deadline.  It took quite a bit of juggling kids, the damn aquacize class (don't get me started on the amount of time and room the aquacize class takes up) but I did it!  I finished a 70.3 race....ok, well not really since I did it over the course of 11 days.  The good news is that since this is the Year of the Run - I went over in the run miles but 8.43 MILES!!!  I was completely shocked that on the last day I needed to swim and bike and I was thinking I'd have to run 12.1 miles on the last day.  Go me =)

I want to send out a huge birthday wish to Karen and an even bigger Thank You for pushing me to commit and complete something I said I would.  I was determined to make this happen and I am also determined to work my ass off this year to make my racing goals a reality.

SWIM 2200yards
BIKE 56.00miles
RUN 21.53miles

Jenni bought me this hat and I vowed to never wear this hat until I completed a 70.3 you think I can wear it now??

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