Friday, January 27, 2012

It seems longer than 13.1....

The new course map was recently posted for the NYC Half Marathon - I realize all half marathons are 13.1 miles but this course map seems WAY longer than that!  Take a look here: course map.  The issue I'm having is that if you wanted to get from Central Park to Wall Street on any given day it would take you forever - either by subway or a cab which might cost you $40 to go "that far".  But when you break it down - the island of Manhattan is just not that big (as my sister keeps pointing out).  I just go back to the days when I had an actual job and had to commute all day long on the subway - I worked in the World Trade Center and to get anywhere took at least 45 minutes by subway.  It seems impossible that it is really only about 6 miles to get to the southern most tip of Manhattan from the outside of Central Park.  But this is just all clutter in my head to keep me from the real issue: Shit, now I actually have to run 13.1 miles at one time???????  Why on earth did I sign up for such a thing?  Well just one more thing to be terrified of for the year and then I can get back on track for triathlon training and put this big, huge, frightening event behind me - one more medal to hang in the training room!!!

51 days and counting until I can say, "I'm a half-marathoner". Not that I'm counting.

And just in case you wanted to donate to The Fresh Air Fund - I'm soooo close to the goal!

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