Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two Men & a triathlete

My beloved (left) - Coach Extraordinaire (right)

They say It Takes A Village To Raise A Child - well it also takes a small village to make a non-athletic stay-at-home-mom into a triathlete and there are the two men that make it happen for me.  Meet my one and only, sweet as can be NonLesbianLifePartner, Kevin, and my world-class, amazing coach, Justin.  Without them I'm not sure where I'd be in life let alone in the crazy world of triathlon.

Kevin has been making my life more amazing for almost 5 years.  He brings light and joy to everyone that knows and meets him.  I always tell people he is an amazing human being - I think that sums him up. The greatest part of Kevin is that he makes you believe you can do anything.  He just sees the good in everyone and has made me realize things are possible for me.  Things I would have never once even considered let alone tried.  I used to be a firm, firm believer in "I'd rather quit than fail" philosophy in life.  He has made me see that even when you fail it's really a win.  Since meeting him I try many things I am terrified to do but I always give it my best try and so far they've all been amazing experiences.  I could go on and on and on about how great Kevin is but if you know him, you already know that and if you don't know him - you should.

Justin - well he writes my programs and all that coaching stuff that just about anyone could do that. It's the cheerleading/mental health part where he shines.  It's Justin's fun filled job to talk me off the ledge at least twice a week.  I usually call him with the intention of quitting. Yet, somehow, at the end every call I'm working on a race of a  longer distance than I originally started with!  Or I call him bc so-and-so told me that I needed to start running a 5:00/mile for 400 miles each week to train. I put myself in a panic and call him to "fix" my training plan.  He then once again, talks me off the ledge, calms me down and makes me see how all things are possible for me - all I need to do is believe that he knows what he's doing and most importantly BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

Every person needs these 2 egoless men to support them in their lives.  I hope you are all as lucky as me.  If not, you can at least hire Justin - sweet Kevin is not for sale, sorry.

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