Thursday, January 12, 2012

Only ONCE...I promise!

As of December 31, 2011,  running was my least favorite thing to do but since I publicly announced that 2012 was the Year of the Run - I've had to rethink that feeling.  Now running is no longer my least favorite thing to do - at least that's what I keep telling myself over and over as I keep on running.  But to really prove to myself that I was committed to the Year of the Run, I registered for the NYC 13.1. As many of you know, it's nearly impossible to get into this damn race the "regular" way so I had to go an alternative route: charity entry.  That means I'm once again asking you for some cash - I know times are tough and you do not need to donate or even make an excuse.  I hate asking for money and I hate even more when people ask me for money but what can a girl-trying-to-be-a-runner do?

So here it is - my one and only time to ask you for a donation (unless you get this blog in a few different spots) - not only for my run but for my all-time, favorite charity on the planet:  The Fresh Air Fund.  My ghetto fabulous self went to sleep away camp for 3 weeks for the summer after 5th grade with just this amazing organization.  I'm sure you all know how great the Fresh Air Fund is so I won't go on and on but please click the link below to send some other lovely, underprivileged kids to camp AND help me on my journey to be a RUNNER!!

Won't you help send a girl (YES, that is me and I AM A GIRL!) to camp!!

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