Monday, January 2, 2012

First World Problems

Sweet Kevin, Matty Reed & yours truly @ Rev3 Knoxville 2011 - my 1st Olympic Distance Triathlon

Recently, I found this website about First World Problems and the more I read it, the more I realize how ridiculous my "problems" really are in the grand scheme of life.  My most recent drama, is that I can't "afford" to go to San Juan to do the 70.3.  The thing no one tells you about triathlon when you first start is that it's EXPENSIVE, very, very EXPENSIVE.  Now that I own all the gear, I was hoping the expense would start getting less but then comes the price of travel to the race and more importantly: the race entry fee!  (Still having trouble believing that I pay someone that much money to be in a triathlon but that's a whole other ball of wax).  Aside from 2012 being the Year of the Run - it's now also the Year of the Local Race - or at least a race we can drive to and mooch of friends while there.  At first, I was pretty bummed by this revelation that going to the race would really be a financial strain and then when I realized that this is really my biggest problem in life.  I really am pretty lucky - that also means I get more time to train for Rev3 Knoxville in May and hopefully a warm winter will allow lots of running outside to prep for it.  I wish everyone in the world had my "problems".

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  1. Similar problem, can't afford to get to a lot of races that I can't drive to. Can't wait to meet you at Rev3 :)